We just had our BNI Visitors Day. Lots of new faces thinking about joining the Chapter. I did a short talk on how great BNI is (a sales pitch, no surprises there) and others told of how BNI has helped their business. do you think networking could help your business? (You should). Maybe you should come and visit – try it out. Contact me, I’ll bring you as my guest.


Jon Dale

Small Fish Business Coaching


We’re trying something – we’ll post  questions on Facebook and on this blog and see if we can get anything interesting back. If we do, we’ll share it. Yesterday, I posted a question: “What is your number one goal for your business this week?”

So far, we’ve had:

  • Sell for 10X projected profit to a multinational (thanks Howard)
  • Stop wasting so much time on Facebook (thanks Thomas)
  • Not waste time waiting for meetings (Tony – sorry)
  • Less miles travelled without return ( a cryptic one from an old school friend – thanks Sharon)
  • Get through my to do list…and make an impact (from Jenny. If yours is like mine, you’ve got no chance of getting through your to do list, Jen
  • No – from Piers Tyler who will get a slap when I see him next 🙂
So, not overwhelming results yet.
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That’s if you want to 🙂

I’m doing a few things today:

1. Getting back into the habit of blogging here in case anybody’s interested

2. Reviewing our IT strategy with our IT Team, Magedata.

We’re a global business (I know it sounds like a big claim. I’ll come clean – we have two people outside Australia and they’re both in the USA). We’re using cloud computing which means our 22 or so people can access all our stuff from wherever they are. We even use MYOB in the cloud. Are you using the cloud yet? (Gmail is a cloud service, if you  need help).

Disappointingly, Noven (from Magedata) just sent me an email to relocate our important strategy meeting from the Beach Hotel to the telephone. not nearly so much fun.



I have 3 daughters, for my sins and there was a sleepover recently (we get them a lot). 9.30 Sunday morning, I had to drive the 5 girls + two of my own to Watego’s Beach because there was going to be a mermaid swimming ashore. Honestly, a real one.

Turns out, she is a real one – I saw her with my own eyes. She’s a model and a professional mermaid and she’s swum with whales and can hold her breath for 5 minutes and 4 seconds (unverified – fed to me by a 12 year-old). It was quite cool.  She has her own website. Here.

Only in Byron Bay….

OK, it’s not  new but we have some new friends – CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are here and we like them. CrossFit  is a fitness training system that martial arts fighters use to get themselves really fit for fighting. Normal people can use it, too, apparently. You do short but very intense workouts that target all your muscles rather than just small groups of muscles like you do at the gym.

10-30 minute workouts. Just the thing for us busy Byron business people, eh?

Now I’m taking the piss but it looks fun and I’m certainly going to give it a go. I’ll try to persuade them to come to Byron as well as the dark side in Ballina.

Check them out at CrossFit Ballina

Jon Dale

Byron Bay’s curliest Business Coach

Sorry to put out such a blatant ad but we are recruiting and we’d love a new business coach. Anywhere in Aus or USA.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

It takes integrity, commitment, hard work, intelligence, clear thinking, coaching skills, sales skills and the readiness to work hard to help someone else get what they want.

Put you off? No? Click here then.

We take our advice on matters fiscal from Phil Reid of Reid McGilll. He’s our CFO, if you like. He helps us worry about our money and be structured with our money. We’re running a business, recruiting and training and supporting business coaches and you might think we’d like to pretend  we know all about business but that would be a lie, for starters and it would be a pointless fancy, too. Nobody knows it all and nobody should try to be everything in their business – that’s what consultants like Phil are for!

This philosophy is true in daily life too. I;m thinking about our personal finances. Are you financially well-organised? I;m not. But I’m taking some advice on it and I;m getting better.

Reid McGill are running a seminar for people like  us – with someone interesting to help us get interested in the world of finance and economics (I know, bear with me).

Try it -Monday 28 March 4:00pm-6:00pm (NSW)

Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff, NSW.

Call Reid McGill now on 02 6674 5007 if you or somebody you know would like to attend this FREE event .

I love TED – Ideas Worth Spreading. David Brooks talks about how we are as people – not rational beings but making decisions based on our emotions as well as our rational minds, deeply connected with each other and happier when we are.

Watch the video here

And watch for a very cool ad at the end. It’s a new thing for TED – Ads worth spreading. Very clever.

Jon Dale

Small Fish Business Coaching

Byron Bay, Northern NSW

This morning, at the BNI meeting I regularly attend, in Byron Bay, I heard a 10-minute presentation from Kellie Morris of Mango Tree Media. Now Kellie is a friend of mine and has helped Small Fish with some of our design work (notably, our very cool notebooks with the fish logo on every page) but she gave a presentation on design – why it works and how it works.

The thing I remembered best was the CRAP theory of design. Because I’m a bit juvenile, I’m going to share it with you.

  • C – Contrast (make stuff stand out)
  • R – Repetition (repeat important bits)
  • A – Alignment (make visual connection between connected bits)
  • P – Proximity (keep connected bits close together)

There you go, I didn’t know there was a science to it, either.  I thought some people just had an innate idea of what looks cool and good. Apparently, it takes 5 years to learn it. Kellie seems to combine the science with some art of her own. She certainly has a style and her work is beyond the ordinary.

Nice presentation Kellie.

Jon Dale

Small Fish Business Coaching

Byron Bay

Today, we have more people than ever in our office. Penny has brought her friend, Lara, who has come to our office to read her book (?). I offered her some work to do but she declined.

Heather’s beautiful daughter, Ivy, is too sick to go to day care so she’s come to work to infect us instead. She’s drawing pictures. I asked her to draw me a fish.  She’s a better worker than Lara.

How’s your office?


Jon Dale

Small Fish Business Coaching

Byron Bay, NSW

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